Eli M.
Felicita and company are professional and efficient. They are friendly and when an issue arises Felicita takes care of it. Happy customer for 4+ years.
Alyssa Xooxox
They leave your house spotless I think you wouldn’t regret contacting them to clean your house over all they are very good at what they do
Patricia B.
I've been working with Leo & Felicita for 10+ years. They are very trustworthy and reliable and will do the job right. They have great teams that will take your individual cleaning requests/needs to heart. Book a thorough cleaning today, you'll be glad you did!
Brian B.
Leo always has a top-notch crew clean my house. They are punctual and do a great job!
Deana P.
Leo and his team really are the best house cleaners I have ever had. They don"t do a superficial clean, they get to the top of the refrigerator, in the refrigerator, every where! It makes my day when I come home to a clean home after they have cleaned. I would highly recommend them!
Ka A.
Leo and his team are super. They will do anything from deep cleaning to scheduled monthly cleaning. They are very thorough and efficient. The house always looks great when the crew has finished. Started using their services in September and continue to use them. I would highly recommend them and I am picky!
brenda H.
I used the company for the first time yesterday. I never knew how bad our last housekeepers were doing until these Housekeepers cleaned my home. Wow they did everything they brought ladders and got up on top of everything to dust. They cleaned baseboards to the ceiling. I am amazed and so happy with their services. When I called Leo answered he told me I would be so happy with them but I am very hard to please and they shocked me how well they did. I cannot find one little piece of dust in my home. Amazing Job. Like Leo said try us you will be surprised how good they are. They will find dirt you never knew you had. Oh the last company we used is Mariza's Housecleaning. They were awful I would advise her customers to try Leo and his team of experts.
one of the best cleaning crew ever! they work hard and fast.... very flexible on days and times... they are also very professional and caring